Business Development Services

Innovation Campaigns

Innovation competitions sponsored by various private sector partners to showcase and promote innovative ideas that seek to provide solutions to the problems that exist at the county level.

Design Thinking Workshops

This involves hosting innovation lab at least once a year targeted on the SDGs. We have currently partnered with Kenya Institute of Public Policy and Analysis(KIPPRA) to take this across the country.

Idea Catalogs

Development of idea catalogs that cover county level opportunities that the youth or unemployed people at the county level can explore. The catalogs come with various types of business support for each idea that includes market support, asset finance and business mentorship.


We have developed an innovative micro-franchising model that works as follows:

We work with existing established SMEs and finance them through various funding partners to develop other micro-franchises across the country. The micro- franchises will be set up by the unemployed youth in the country .

This provides a WIN-WIN in that for the SMEs it provides a growth opportunity into other towns. The unemployed youth on the other hand are converted into micro-entrepreneurs with a safer landing start since they will be leveraging on the SMEs brand, skill and accumulated experience.