Capacity Building

Funding Talks

A monthly investment learning event between entrepreneurs and investors at all stages and helps to demystify the investment world. This also serves as a pipeline building initiative. See the " Funding Talks" page for more details. 

Training Programs

Our training programs includes specialised programs such as investment readiness, data analytics and financial modelling.

High Quality Business Advisory

Business advisory services will include strategic consulting, business advisory for the small- growing enterprises and mature –low growth enterprises.  This includes business model review, business planning, development of funding proposals, partnership support and pilot design.

Financial Management Support Services

We support SMEs through provision of Financial Management Support Services including the following:

Accounting support services including financial transaction updates, daily/ weekly book-keeping, bank reconciliations and preparation of general ledgers and trial balances

Financial accounting and reporting which entails supporting SMEs in budgeting and forecasting, budget analysis, preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements including income statements, balance sheets and cashflow statements

Review and remediation support for internal processes for SMEs including internal control systems and governance around debtors, creditors, cash, payroll, expenses and statutory requirements