Capital Raising

Capital Raising

Capital raising support focuses on raising debt and equity capital for the support centre clients. We envisage this support to be two-fold. Our capital raising support covers transaction structuring, document preparation, investor introduction, term sheet negotiation and term-sheet close. We work with a portfolio of the already existing angel, VC, PE, MFIs, Commercial Banks and other debt funds that exist in Kenya to help them identify a pipeline of clients from the support centre. 

For SMEs who are clients of SSC, the capital raising process first involves an assessment of the readiness to pursue capital, followed by advice and support to become prepared for the process (from initial pitch, feedback on investor materials, to due diligence and financial close).

Grant Support

Grant Support involves supporting the centre clients on framing their strategy to pursue alternative forms of capital (specifically grants from donors), and advice and support on how to be successful in doing so. This involves helping the client understand their need for the grant and use of funding, the risks/outcomes that the grant will mitigate or achieve, the social/environmental returns or merits for potential donors, and relevant potential donors. Grant Support clients are made aware, on a regular basis, of opportunities to apply for grants that may be relevant for their businesses. Grant support also includes the actual support in writing the grant applications, including the associated budgets.

Due Diligence Services

We provide the following types of due diligence to investors:

Legal Due Diligence -ownership, contingent liabilities etc
Commercial Due Diligence- Industry review, market risk
Operations Due Diligence- team, processes and procedures
Financial Due Diligence- historical financial performance, cost analysis etc