Achieve Scale Through Our Investment Readiness Program



Our Mission at SME Support Centre is all about helping entrepreneurs scale from small business to hopefully an African or even a Global business. We believe that any change that is to happen must happen first in the mind of the entrepreneurs. Once the mind changes they can then be able to package their businesses as a scalable business. Investors are looking for scalable business or an entrepreneur that can convince them that once they put money in their business then they can achieve scale.

Our INVESTMENT READINESS PROGRAM is a program that changes your inner being and challenges your thinking and shows you how to specifically package your business for scale and consequently for an investor. It is a 3 day program that covers the following:

Day 1

  • What does SCALE look like? What does an Entrepreneurial mind look like?
  • A practical local entrepreneur case study in understanding the
  • components of a scalable business model

Day 2

  • Introduction to the Investment World.
  • Presentation on what the different types of investors of Grant/Equity/Debt are looking for.
  • A practical local case study on Investments and Valuation.

Day 3

  • Class presentations and feedback on their business models
  • Discussion on investor documentation i.e Business Plan, Financial Projection, Pitch Deck & Investment Teaser.( This could go into the other half day depending on the number of class participants)


The output of the program is a SCALABLE BUSINESS MODEL. After the program the SME Support Centre Team will provide individualized support at an extra cost to:

  • Prepare a quality Business Plan and Financial Projections based on the business model prepared during the Investment Readiness class.
  • Prepare the pitch deck and Investment Teaser
  • Provide one personalized investor introduction once the documentation is fully ready


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