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Corporate Young Ventures Acceleration Program- GIZ

Corporate Young Ventures Acceleration Program- GIZ

SME Support Centre Limited  has partnered with GIZ, INTREGRATION and MERU GREENS EPZ LIMITED in the first ever corporate young ventures acceleration program. This is a program aimed at initially supporting young agri-business SMEs who are looking to scale their business. Through a partnership with a corporate partner, the young agri-business SME will have an opportunity to be mentored, opportunity to have B2B sales opportunities, opportunity to receive investment in the business , opportunity to access a leading network of experts in agribusiness including productivity experts.

Are you qualified for the program?

Eligibility Criteria
    • An agribusiness entity
    • A young venture between 2 and 7 years old
    • Women and youth 18 -35 years
    • Yearly turnover KES 5 million to 50 million
    • One co-founder who is full time in business
    • Commitment to full participation in the process

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