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Talent Pool

Welcome to our Talent Pool, a dynamic resource connecting skilled individuals with opportunities offered by SMEs within our membership. This platform serves as a bridge between aspiring talents and businesses seeking to enhance their teams.

Application Links:

Select the relevant application link based on your skills and career aspirations. Choose where you feel your talents align best:

How It Works:

  • Submit Your Application: Choose the relevant application link and submit your details.
  • Profile Matching: Our team will review your application and match your skills with the requirements of SMEs in our database. Please note that the matchmaking process only happens upon a vacancy request and notification by an SME.
  • Introduction to SMEs: If there’s a potential match, we’ll introduce you to the SMEs seeking your skills and expertise.
  • Recruitment Process: The final decision rests with the respective SMEs, and successful candidates will undergo their recruitment process.

Note to SMEs: If you are an SME looking to enhance your team, explore our Talent Pool to discover skilled candidates. Reach out to us for more information on potential matches.


Inclusion in the Talent Pool does not guarantee introduction and selection for specific roles. The Talent Pool is a matchmaking service, and candidates will undergo the standard recruitment process with the respective SMEs in our database. While we facilitate the introduction, the final decision lies with the participating enterprises after completing their recruitment procedures.

By applying to the respective roles, you agree to allow us to share your CV and related information with the participating SMEs when the need arises. While we take utmost care in handling your information, please be aware that the actions of the SMEs with your provided information are beyond our control. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of the participating enterprises.

Our goal is to provide opportunities to skilled professionals within our Talent Pool.

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